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Jersey Todak S12 Fan Edition Black

Jersey Todak S12 Fan Edition Black

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Embrace the Power, Channel the Legacy: As you dawn the emblem of Todak, let the Fans Edition Home Jersey be your armor in every battle, every cheer, every defining moment of eSports passion.

Details to Elevate Your Game:

  • Design: Home Ground Mastery. Dominate with a striking combination of deep black, punctuated with an audacious purple stripe — an emblem of unity, dominance, and an undying spirit.
  • Material: Sculpted from elite Microfibre Interlock. Indulge in the luxury of unmatched comfort intertwined with resilience, designed to stand strong amidst the roaring energy of arenas.
  • Size: Tailored for every champion, from XS to 3XL. Revel in a jersey that's more than just attire; it's a fit of legacy.
  • Finishing: Craftsmanship epitomized through pioneering Full Sublimation Printing. Celebrate the timeless vibrancy of Todak's iconic shades, battle after monumental battle.

Dress in more than just colors; wear the pride, dedication, and commitment of the Todak Patriots. In this jersey, you're not merely an observer; you're a part of the story, part of the legend.

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