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Jersey Todak S12 Player Edition White

Jersey Todak S12 Player Edition White

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A Symbol of Triumph, A Beacon of Pride: Embrace the aura of champions and the purity of skill with the Player Edition Away Jersey. When our players don this white mantle, they don't just represent a team but an entire dynasty of eSports excellence.

Elevated Features for the Masters of the Arena:

  • Design: Purity Meets Prestige. Immerse in a pristine white canvas, invigorated by a resplendent purple stripe. Every thread tells a story of battles won and adversaries bested.
  • Material: Skillfully woven from the finest LYCRA 260GSM. Bask in unparalleled comfort and durability, fit for the arduous journey to the top.
  • Size: Crafted for all, from XS to 3XL. When you wear this jersey, you wear a legacy tailored to fit.
  • Finishing: A marriage of tradition and technology with 2 intricate embroideries & state-of-the-art sublimation printing. Ensuring the Todak emblem shines brightly, from local skirmishes to international arenas.

This jersey is not just a piece of apparel; it's a badge of honor, a commitment to the game, and a salute to the fervent fans and the history they uphold.

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