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Presenting the THRONE Gaming Chair, designed to provide the best possible gaming experience. 

Experience unmatched comfort with high-quality PU leather upholstery and a sturdy metal wheel base with hubless wheels.
 Its flat base provides stability for long gaming sessions, and its 180-degree backrest reclines for maximum comfort.

 This chair's adjustable lumbar support and 4D armrests, designed for prolonged usage, offer customized comfort.

 Upgrade your gaming setup with THRONE, an unparalleled gaming throne made for extended gameplay that combines durability 
and ergonomic design.

Premium PU Leather
Wheel : Hubless Wheel
Wheel Base : Metal

Width: 775mm
Depth : 560mm
Max Height :1450mm
Max Seat Height :1000 - 1450mm
Seat Height: 490mm

Packaging saiz
Weight : 28.5kg
Width : 1350mm
Length : 550mm
Height : 545mm
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