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Todak Team Jersey 2024 Away

Todak Team Jersey 2024 Away

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Step onto the battlefield with confidence with our new collection, meticulously crafted for the ultimate comeback story. Engineered for both comfort and performance, our jerseys are designed to withstand the intensity of every gaming session, ensuring you stay sharp and focused throughout. 

As champions rise, our jerseys serve as the emblem of their triumphs, boasting sleek designs and premium materials that exude victory. With attention to detail in every stitch, these jerseys unite gamers worldwide, forming a community of dedicated players who share a passion for excellence.

Sculpted from premium RJ Microfibre 190gsm. Indulge in the luxury of unmatched comfort intertwined with resilience, designed to stand strong amidst the roaring energy of arenas.

Tailored for every champion, from XS to 5XL. Ensuring that every gamer can experience the pinnacle of performance and style throughout the challenges.

Craftsmanship epitomized through pioneering "Full Sublimation Printing". Celebrate the vibrancy of Todak's iconic shades, battle after monumental battle.

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